Nicole Kidman Powder Gaffe: What Caused It?

Nicole KidmanYou may remember when Nicole Kidman suffered from a rare makeup malfunction at a red carpet premiere.

The normally immaculately-turned-out actress was photographed with caked white powder beneath her eyes and on the tip of her nose.

Many wondered how she could have headed out onto the carpet to be photographed without knowing about the powder situation.

Well, I got the word on what happened from an inside source -- and why.

Click through to find out what happened, and what Nicole did about it!


According to the source, Nicole used M.A.C. Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder on her face. (Not the Prep + Prime Skin, mind you, which I use and love, but the powder.)

The Prep + Prime Powder is popular with celebrities because it looks great on HD television.

However, when photographed, the source says it can look white and chalky -- hence Nicole's much-publicized faux pas.

As a result, my source says Nicole won't use the powder anymore. The source also says this same thing has happened to several celebrities when they've been photographed, with similar results.

And now you know why!


Image via Splash News

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