Tori Spelling's New Store Is Like a Big Yard Sale

Tori SpellingReality star Tori Spelling always seems to have something cooking --

-- and now it's a new store in California and online called InvenTori.

You or I might just have a yard sale if we had a bunch of stuff we didn't want anymore, but when you're Tori Spelling, you don't have yard sales ...

Instead, you open a shop on Ventura Boulevard!

Check out some of what's being offered at InvenTori (it's pretty darn affordable!) and tell me what you think of her new store ...

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Check out this hat from Tori's own personal collection. It's priced at just $30! Gee, I wonder why she doesn't want it anymore???????


Tori SpellingStore your moonshine in this Tori-selected ceramic jug, just $30!


InvenToriThis Tuxedo Booti Kurta is pretty fabulous, and it's on sale for $65.


InventoriNeed an old white bucket? Tori found this one and she'll sell it to you for $40!


InvenToriOr perhaps you're looking for an old kids' trashcan. Tori will let you have this one for $60!

So, will you check out InvenTori?


Images via InvenTori

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