Tim Gunn Needs to Lay Off Hillary Clinton's Pantsuits

hillary clintonFashion know-it-all Tim Gunn went on George Lopez this week to talk, well, fashion. The Project Runway consultant known for his "make it work" mantra dished on ladies' apparel from Snooki to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now we all know Snooki and Hillary aren't necessarily the best dressed people on the planet, but I think they deserve a break, especially Hillary. What Gunn had to say about her was rude and ill-informed. He told Lopez: "I think she's confused about her gender. All these big baggy menswear tailored pantsuits ... they're unflattering"

Listen, it's one thing to make fun of our former first lady's fashion, but it's a whole 'nother thing to use recycled material. Gunn said the same exact thing on Conan O'Brien's show back in 2008. Come on, Gunn! If you're going to insult Hillary, you better make sure you're being a) original and b) accurate. I think Hill's got some style.


She's worn some beautiful, and stylish, outfits over the years, and I think she just gets better with time. Sure, some of her pantsuits aren't putting her on the best-dressed lists, but this woman's got a job and a professional air to maintain. Plus, she's nearly 70 years old! You want her in dresses and skirts all the time? That's so unrealistic. She's traveling, meeting with conservative diplomats, getting on and off planes -- her clothing needs to stay classic and appropriate. And I believe they do.

I think we should only have an issue with a politician's fashion sense when it comes across as offensive. If Hillary or Palin or Michelle were representing our country in miniskirts and wet T-shirts, maybe then we can have a discussion. But until they start looking like Hooters' girls getting ready for a big night of tips, then their outfits should be a moot point.

And I don't hear Gunn going after Timothy Geithner's ties, or Obama's shoes, or Chris Christie's bulging buttons, so let's put the claws away for a second and remember that sometimes fashion takes a back seat to a job well done. Or, well, just ... done.

What do you think?

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