New Spanx Workout Clothes Have Me Running (Away)

spanxi active wearGood news, ladies! Spanx is making active wear! Now you can work out while looking like you don't need to work out. Rejoice! All you have to do is hit up your local Spanx dispensary (I go to "Spanx 'N' Things"), fork over $118, shimmy into those bad boys, and boom, you're looking like a million while you're working on your fitness.

If you detect some sarcasm in the above sentences, how right you are, my friend. I mean, I'm all for looking good while you work out ... actually, who am I kidding? I'm really not, I look like some sort of recently discovered sea creature when I'm at the gym. So I guess what I really mean is, if you want to look good while you work out, have at it, no judging here. But I simply can't get behind spending that much money on something that's destined to smell like a giant armpit in a matter of minutes.


When I go to the gym, I wear softball t-shirts I got in fifth grade. I wear sweatpants with holes. I wear Adidas shorts that look like they were made in 1940. I've always admired the women who manage to look pulled together while running on the treadmill, but if I learned they spent a small fortune to do so, I'm sorry, but I would have to laugh.

Unless you're, like, a yoga or Zumba instructor, gym clothes aren't supposed to be expensive. I don't understand this new thing of "fancy" active wear. Isn't part of the beauty of gym clothes the fact that we really don't need to go out and buy them? An old t-shirt here, a pair of Nike shorts there, voila, gym outfit.

And while we're on the subject, I'd just like to share with you guys that there are very few things, clothing-wise, I'm willing to shell out big bucks for. I've mentioned in the past that I'm anti-designer jeans (I understand that one, though). Other things I'm not willing to fork over beaucoup bucks for? T-shirts, jewelry, and sundresses. I'm sorry, but it's been my experience that all three of these items can be found at a perfectly affordable price at a place like H&M or Target.

So, you're probably wondering: What will I drop serious cash for? To be honest, not much, I'm a cheapskate. But I will buy an expensive pair of boots or sandals. In the past, buying a cheapie version of either of these things -- or shoes in general -- is never a good idea. (Nobody's a winner when their heel breaks at work.) Also, cardigans. Cardigans I'll spend some money on, because they're the kind of thing that you can wear every day. Oh, and sunglasses, too!

So, needless to say, I will not be buying any items from the new Spanx Active Wear line. I'm gonna stick to me holey sweats and a prayer that no one has a good view while I'm doing crunches.

Do you buy expensive workout clothes?

Image via Spanx

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