Look Smart This Season With Trendy New Accessory

book purseIf you've been spying your local model around town lately with a book instead of a small dog, you would be forgiven for thinking the world is all upside down. But with Olympia Le-Tan's hottest collection of Hemingway- to Dahl-inspired looks, it appears that fashionistas have decided to avoid that summer brain drain this year. 

Yes, apparently the hottest accessory for the supermodel set this summer is a book. Hahahaha, just kidding! It's actually a purse that looks like a book. Which just shows how smart these ladies are, since this retails for 1,140 Euros. Of course, if you're like Naomi Campbell, you can take an actual book with you to read on the beach and hope that no one notices it's upside down.

Here are some book/purses for those of you without supermodel cash.


book purseLoving this Fanny Farmer Cookbook purse ($55)! Of course the handle on this (in contrast to the clutches) will give it away that you're not doing any heavy reading. But your style points are rapidly adding up.

book purse twilightAlas, this Twilight book purse has been sold. But many other book purse options from Make It and Take It are only $49. You can also ask her pretty please to make you a purse. Perfect for the Breaking Dawn premiere.

book purseAnd if you're really short on cash, but want somewhere to put it, pick up this comic book wallet that is made from the pages of the Silver Surfer. Only $3 to strut your literary stuff.

Image via Olympia Le-Tan

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