New Super Sexy Fashion Trend Has One Major Flaw

claudia schiffer wearing black lace mask on vogueThe newest trend in all the fashion magazines is super sexy -- black lace masks. Claudia Schiffer looks absolutely gorgeous while sporting one on the cover of German Vogue. Katie Holmes dons one in the August issue of Vogue Espana and looks equally stunning.The vampy-meets-dominatrix look was even spotted on the runway at Chanel's Fall 2011 couture fashion show earlier this month.

The look is so eye-catching because it's both seductive and mysterious -- ooh la la! But there's just one teeny tiny problem with this hot new trend ...


Where on earth would you wear such a thing?

Admittedly, there are a few instances in which it might make sense to wear a sexy black lace mask. It would be an entirely appropriate accessory for a fancy masquerade ball; same thing applies for a costume party that you're attending dressed as Natalie Portman from Black Swan. Anything other than either of the two situations above or in the bedroom, and you're just asking for some perplexing stares and unwanted attention. Not to mention the fact: How can you see?

Of course, it should be said that the lace mask is a close cousin to the birdcage wedding veils, which I absolutely adore; they're popular among some brides, particularly those looking to add a little vintage flair to their big day. Still, we can't help but add it to the list of yet another one of those bold editorial fashion statements that the average woman is too terrified to attempt to pull off.

Don't lie, would you wear a black lace mask?


Image via Vogue

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