Don't Waste Your Money on Hideous Wrinkled Clothes (PHOTOS)

talbots dressesI don't know what it is, but wrinkled clothes have never bothered me. Maybe I started feeling this way after Sienna Miller burst onto the fashion scene with her crinkly skirts and boho chic style or maybe I'm just a disgusting idiot. Who knows the reason, but I'm anti-iron.

So, because of this proclivity, you probably think I'd be into this new trend of ready-made wrinkled clothes, right? Well, newsflash for you, Walter Cronkite: You're wrong.






Truth be told, this style of clothing has been around, on and off, for quite some time. I remember my mom having something like this a few years back. But it seems to be spreading like wildfire as of late.

surf bazaar

Case in point, Surf Bazaar's new summer collection of super wrinkled beachwear. I believe the purpose behind the intentionally crinkly clothing is so we can all just stash our coverups in our bags so we're ready for a jaunt to the shore at a moment's notice. (The hell with work and picking up the kids from school, right, girlfriend?!) My question for this particular line is: Can't we just do the wrinkled thing with a regular coverup? I mean, if we're heading to the pool or the beach, we're probably going to be in our swimsuit the majority of the time anyway. Who cares if what we wear there is a little wrinkled? And I'm sure it will be cheaper than $195, right?

target shirt

After poking around some more for pre-wrinkled clothing, I came across this Target shirt. At $9.98, it's much more affordable than the Surf Bazaar one but, I must say, more unattractive, too. The wrinkled shirt my mother had that I spoke of above was in this style -- except it was all one color and looked more like a short beach coverup instead of a button-down shirt. The main problem with it? It's horribly unflattering! The way the material hangs is just all kinds of wrong, clinging to parts no shirt should ever cling to. I'm going to have to pass on this one, too.

lane bryant skirt

And here's the dreadful wrinkled skirt from Lane Bryant. Do yourself a favor ladies, don't go out and shell out $54.95 for something that looks like you pulled it out of the bottom of a hamper. It's really not a good look. And that's coming from someone who doesn't mind (naturally) wrinkled clothes.

Would you buy pre-wrinkled clothing?


Image via Talbots

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