How to Style a Summer Chignon That Stays in Place

Salon NfuseNeed a fast, easy, and elegant updo for medium-to-long hair?

I'm loving this casual chignon.

The stylists at Salon Nfuse here in Nashville helped me create it, and used a simple trick that kept it up and in place all day long with no problem.

And you can easily get this look yourself! Want to see how?

Read on!


Salon Nfuse

Start by securing your hair in a low ponytail that's slightly off-center.


Salon Nfuse

Loop the ends of your hair around into a loose bun. Here's the trick to make it stick -- each time you put in a bobby pin, put it in with the "jagged" side closest to your neck. Then make an X across it with another bobby pin. The X locks the bobby pins in place.


Salon Nfuse

Leave the ends of your hair out if you want for a messy chignon look, and you're done. This bun had no hairspray and only six bobby pins and IT DIDN'T MOVE. I'm going to be styling my hair this way for the rest of the summer -- it's cool and easy and stylish and I love it.

What do you think?

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