What I'd Wear to Celebrity Weddings, If I Were Invited

natalie portmanIt's wedding season! Time to celebrate eternal love with vows, dancing, and cake. Celebrities love summer and early fall weddings just as much as we do and there are a few stars we totally expect to tie the knot soon. Kim Kardashian's wedding is confirmed for August, and it's only a matter of time before Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, Bret Michaels, and Cynthia Nixon say 'I do' in front of their friends and family.

I'm not invited to any of these weddings (despite my reputation for being a fantastic guest), but it doesn't mean I can't pretend that I'm going.

That said, here are the fantasy dresses I would wear if I were to go to each of these celebrity weddings. Let the shopping in denial begin.


nina ricci dress
Nina Ricci, $2,250
For Natalie's upcoming wedding to Benjamin Millepied, I'd want to go with something classy, chic, and feminine. I also have a feeling it would be an upscale affair, so this Nina Ricci dress from Barneys would be my choice.

hevre leger
Hevre Leger, $1,050
You know Kim Kardashian would so love it if I wore a Hevre Leger bondage dress to her wedding to Kris Humphries. I'd fit right in! The sisters have rocked variations of this dress forever, so I know they'd be fans.

rocker dress
Blondie Studded Dress
Rocker Bret Michaels is marrying long-term girlfriend Kristi Gibson sometime soon, and you know that's going to be a party and a half. I'd try to look rocker chic, and would possibly considering wearing a bandana.

jessica simpson
Jessica Simpson dress, $148
Jessica Simpson is gonna get hitched to NFL star Eric Johnson pretty soon and I gotta say, I think the wedding will be low-key but tons of fun. Naturally I'd wear something designed by the bride herself -- this bright and cheerful dress would also look great on the dance floor when I bust a move.

maggie london dress
Maggie London dress
Remember when Miranda wore this dress in the beginning of Sex and the City the movie? I do. So if Cynthia Nixon and girlfriend Christine Marinoni decide to wed in NY now that it's legal (woo!), I would totally wear this dress to their nuptials. I don't care if it's the obvious choice, I love it.

If you could go to any star's wedding, which one would it be and what would you wear?

Photo via sheksays/Flickr

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