Kate Middleton Wearing Diana's Earrings Shouldn't Weird Us Out

royal ring kate middleton dianaFirst came the gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring that Prince William's mother once wore. Well, now that Kate Middleton is officially the Duchess of Cambridge and William's wife, it seems like she's acquired even more of Princess Diana's jewelry. She was recently spied wearing similar sapphire and diamond earrings, which appear to have been remodeled from when Diana wore them as studs. William wanted his new wife to have several heirlooms of Di's, pieces that meant a lot to his mom.

The "remodeled" bling aside, we all notice obvious parallels between Kate's and Diana's styles. Most recently, the Duchess also recently wore a red hat and white dress, which was very similar to another outfit Di wore when she too visited Canada in the '80s.


For anyone who saw Di as an icon, it's a little strange to see Kate wearing the Princess' precious items as her own. I think, consciously or subconsciously, some people feel like it's almost as if Kate's co-opting and re-branding Diana's style, and that creeps us out almost as much as that Tina Brown Newsweek disaster.

But it's all in our heads! And we have to get over it!

Of course there are going to be similarities. They are both royal public figures, glamorous icons on the world stage, young, beautiful first ladies of the U.K., if you will. But there's really no difference in Kate wearing her husband's mother's earrings than if you or I were to inherit our significant mother's earrings! And oh, I'm no stranger to that concept. My own mother and my boyfriend's mother constantly try to pawn stuff off on me, for "when they're gone." It's crazy -- I tell them I'd rather have them than their jewelry, thankyouverymuch.

But obviously, William wants Kate to have them and cherish them. He's given her these precious jewels in his late mother's honor, and if you think about it, there's nothing strange or eerie about that at all. It's nothing but respectful and heartwarming.

How do you feel about Kate wearing Diana's jewelry?


Image via RoyalRing.com

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