Beat The Heat With These 8 'Cool' Styles

sweaty girlThe heat wave has finally broken here in the Northeast, but I for one am not getting complacent. Another round of 100 degree temperatures is just looming out there in the wild, waiting to make its descent on our God foresaken towns. I don't handle the heat well, so next time I vow to be prepared.

T-shirts and shorts are the obvious stay-cool attire, but I wanted to delve a little deeper to find some clothing, makeup, and accessories that will keep me from melting the next go-round.

So bring it on, heat wave. I'll be looking cool and feeling cool in these eight chillin styles.


sweat proof clothesUnderarm shields, $7; Sweatproof t-shirt, $25

Are you laughing at me? Well excuuuuse me Miss I Don't Sweat Like a Beast Under My Arms. Some of us have a real prob. And believe it or not, I actually own these underarm shields -- I bought them for a business trip to Vegas in which I had to wear a short sleeved silk Calypso dress. They saved me, and the dress! Haven't tried the sweatproof T, but I think I'm into it. While it does add another layer of clothing hotness, at least your sweat won't show through.

waterproof makeup
Clinique foundation, $22; Cover Girl mascara, $9; Juicy Couture headbands, $24

Clinique foundation is good because it's light. The moderate coverage it supplies is fine because it's water-resistant. Sweat on! Lash Blast now comes in waterproof, which is key, and those Juicy headbands are great for keeping your hair out of your face, but remaining somewhat stylish. I know I know, you wanna wear a sweatband. Tough!

Paper hand fans, $6 each; Shell-shaped folding fan, $7

Stop fanning yourself with that wrinkled magazine already. Upgrade to these awesome and colorful hand fans. So chic! So cheap! So cool(ing)!

waterproof ipod
Waterproof headphones, $30; Waterproof iPod, $160
I need music to distract me from my impending heat stroke -- and I need it to be waterproof. Didn't know they made these, but how cool, right?

How do you beat the heat?

Photo via lu_lu/Flickr

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