Tyra Banks Rips off J.K. Rowling & Makes a Fool of Herself (VIDEO)

tyra banks young adult book seriesFor those of you mourning the end of the Harry Potter series on the big screen, never fear, Tyra's here! You know Tyra Banks as the always entertaining talk show host, super model, fashion icon, and . . . fiction writer? Yep, Banks is attempting to fill the very big shoes left vacant by J.K. Rowling with the upcoming release of Modelland, a young adult book about models with magical powers.

And Tyra isn't afraid to look ridiculous in order to promote her foray into the literary fantasy world. Naturally, the top model has introduced an accessory that sparkles to draw attention to her magical series, appearing recently on Good Morning America sporting a golden wing mask over one eye. You know you won't see Jonathan Franzen doing this stuff.

Tyra, seriously. What is that thing on your face?


All right, ladies! Let's get hunting for these winged accessories, pronto. Where do you think they are? Madison Avenue? Rodeo Drive? Tyra is keeping that a secret for now. Maybe she doesn't want anyone copying her look who isn't a true devotee of the book she hopes will inspire young wizard fans to put down their wands and pick up some lipstick. Since it doesn't come out until September, let's call this a fall fashion must-have, shall we? Um, not.

While I haven't read Modelland yet (but I will -- oh yes I will), I'm thinking Tyra is starting this wacky trend to distract from the fact that she's no J.K. How could she be? Let's take a peek at what we can expect from her new venture, according to a description of Tyra's book on Amazon:

"Only seven extraordinary young women become Intoxibellas each year. Famous. Worshipped. Magical. What happens to those who don’t make it? Well, no one really speaks of that. Some things are better left unsaid."

That's right Tyra. Some things are better left unsaid. Only a quick read will tell us if the America's Next Top Model host has another career as a novelist in her future. But I'm guessing this tale of magic and models is more "Oh my God, what happened to the eye liner? The EYE LINER!!!!" and less about life lessons.

Is this an insane book teaching questionable values to our young girls? Hell, yes. Am I going to read it? You betcha'. I'm just going to throw on that eye decor and go to town. Will you join me?

Can Tyra Banks become the next J.K. Rowling?

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