Go From Day to Night in Under 10 Minutes

Salon NFuseYesterday, a makeup artist-to-the-stars from Salon Nfuse here in Nashville showed you how to create this 'daytime eye,' a five-minute way to look pretty and polished during your busy day.

Equally important, though, is knowing how to turn up the volume quickly, when getting ready for a date night or evening out with your girlfriends.

Want to find out how to get ready for a night on the town in under 10 minutes?

Read on!



Salon NfuseAssuming you've created your 'daytime' eye earlier in the day, we'll take things from there.

(If you haven't, then dust your entire eye with a warm, neutral eyeshadow.)

For night, you can use a darker or more vibrant tone than you would in the daytime. Salon Nfuse makeup artist Stephanie trail is using Espresso by M.A.C. on model Ellen.

Apply the darker shade just like you applied the daytime shade. Make a "V" that starts at your pupil above your eyelid (in the crease), comes to a point just above the outer corner of your eye, then extends just over your eyelashes back to the point above your pupil. Blend that in well.


Salon NfuseNext, apply more mascara to both your top and bottom lashes. Coat your bottom lashes by turning your brush vertically, like this.


Salon NfuseNext, apply liner to your upper lashline. Stephanie likes liquid liner for its precision, and her favorite is L'Oreal Liquid Lineur Intense -- the one with the brush, not the pen.

Stephanie draws a very thin line right at Ellen's lashline. If you want to intensify the line and make it more dramatic, keep going back over the original line again and again. Don't try to make it thicker.

If you want to lift the look of your eyes, end at the outer corner with a slight wingtip.

You should also use your liner to darken any 'white spots' at your lashline not covered by mascara or liner.


Salon NfuseEliminate shine with a dusting of powder over your face and neck.

Here's something I didn't know: Stephanie says that if you're using foundation (and if you are, her favorite is Dior Forever), don't use a colored powder. Instead, opt for a translucent one. She likes Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder.

Time for lips! If you need to, reline your lips with a neutral pencil.


Salon NfuseNow, it's time to choose a lip gloss color! Use what looks good on you, but use caution: Stephanie says you never want to match up your lip gloss or lipstick with your shirt. Instead, keep it in the same color family, but use a slightly different shade.


Salon NfuseSince Ellen's eyes are fairly natural looking, she's using a bright pink lip gloss. If your eye makeup is on the heavier side, go with a softer lip. If your eye makeup is light, go with a brighter lip.

For extra glamour, I like to put on a few fake lashes at this point. I actually don't put mascara on them because I think they look more natural without mascara. Check out my step-by-step tutorial here if you want to try false lashes. Once you get the hang of applying them, it's super easy to do.


Salon NfuseAnd here's Ellen now, ready for a night out! I like that she looks great, but you don't think "MAKEUP!!" the moment you look at her.

What's your night out makeup ritual?


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