Bethenny Frankel Thinks You Want Her Skin


bethenny frankelEverybody's favorite businesswoman is at it again. No, I'm not talking about Romy or Michele, I'm talking about none other than the million-dollar housewife herself, Bethenny Frankel. (If you never saw the movie, please ignore and keep reading.)

The Bethenny Ever After star is expanding her Skinnygirl line beyond delicious low-calorie booze-laden cocktails and vitamin supplements to skin care. That's right, ladies, starting in November, we'll be able to wash the day off our faces with Skinnygirl Face and Body Solutions! Yaaahhhoooo -- wait, what?

Bethenny is known for her no B.S. approach to everything in life, so I'm sure the products won't be a sham (like a certain housewife's Tru Renewal). They're also affordable, with everything selling for under $15 a pop at Walmart. But when it comes to celebrities and facial products lines, I'm gonna have to pass. Even on my girl Bethenny's.

The way I see it, the reason celebrities have good skin is because they go see really good people. They've got the best dermatologists, the fanciest aestheticians, and the sexiest laserers money can buy. Those are the people I want to buy lotions and potions from, not the celebs themselves. The stars are just the face of the brand. And let's not forget, most of the famous people hawking beauty swag are doing way more than dabbing anti-aging cream around their eyes. Most of them, including Bethenny, have probably had an injection or two in their day. A bit ironic, wouldn't you say? It's kind of like how the hair models in Pantene commercials wear extensions, and the girls in the mascara ads don false lashes. 

So, you see, using Bethenny's products isn't going to give us Bethenny's skin. However, I do think we could get a bit closer by rubbing some crap on our faces that was developed by her dermatologist. Why doesn't he or she come out with a line? Or maybe they have? Bethenny, do you happen to go to Patricia Wexler or Nicholas Perricone?

Since we're on the subject, I'll reveal a little-known nugget about myself to you, dear reader. I do happen to use a "celebrity aesthetican" face wash. Kate Somerville. For years I had been reading about people like Jessica Alba and Lauren Conrad going to see her, so when I saw her products pop up at Sephora, I figured, "How bad could it be?" Verdict: Not bad at all. In fact, quite lovely. In the two or so years I've been using her stuff, my skin has never looked better. (And my skin is sensitive.)

So think about that the next time you reach for a celebrity-brand moisturizer. Would you rather get skin advice from Jessica Alba? Or from the lady who gives Jessica Alba her smooth, dewy skin?

(But I still heart you, Bethenny.)

Would you buy Bethenny's skincare line?


Image via Bravo


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momav... momavanessa

No way!! I don't like her or her ideas!

Jasmine Mitose

you know i used to love her until i saw her on rachel ray's show where she told a mom thinking about nursing that she shouldn't nurse in public (not her exact words but you can tell that's what she meant). after that i haven't supported anything related to her...besides...for having all of that money her skin looks like crap. i think she looks way older than she is. sure she's in shape underneath but it's like having a nice present in crappy wrapping paper.

nonmember avatar Chell

Um, no. She looks like a cross between Marc Anthony and the Joker. Not interested in looking anything like her!

3rdCo... 3rdCoastTXtoast

No, I don't buy "celebrity" endorsed products of any kind.

nonmember avatar marym

She is way to skinny and her skin does not look healthy, her produts are not original
or healthy. Bethenny is a fake and not at all the honest,needs to get over her
make believe for TV childhood issues.

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