Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Exhibit Has Me Weepy

kate middletonStarting Saturday, Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress, shoes, and jewelry will be on display in Buckingham Palace, and you and I aren't the only ones freaking out about this awesome news. Ticket sales for summer tours of Buckingham Palace are up 107 percent over last year, and approximately 645,000 people are expected to take the tour between now and when Kate's dress leaves the exhibit in October.

The royals are really starting to grasp how to make a buck or two off the Duchess formerly known as Kate Middleton, and hey, I support it. Don't you? We have three months to save up and book a trip to London because this exhibit sounds too good to miss. I'm already tearing up.


Not only will the Duchess' Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown be on display, but her size 6.5 Alexander McQueen shoes, and the Cartier tiara the Queen lent her will be there as well. Same with a silk version of her bouquet. Oh! And a replica of the wedding cake, too. Eep!

Kate not only had a lot to do with the design of her ivory and lace gown that I would give my left pinkie finger to wear, but she also was very involved in the decision to put her wedding attire on display. She's not only beautiful, but wicked smart, too!

Our new obsession with the royal family has so much to do with Kate, and with Kate's style and beauty, that it's only natural that the Palace would want to capitalize on her fame. And I think it's great that Kate is all for it too, and that her personal touches will be included in the exhibit. Her dress is a part of her as it is now a part of fashion history that I'm thrilled she decided to share it with the world.

Hope there's good security though, the dress is now valued at around $400,000.

Now. Who needs a babysitter? Gotta get some monies in my London-or-Bust piggie bank.

Would you like to see Kate's wedding attire at Buckingham Palace?

Photo via americanistadechiapas/Flickr

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