Kate Holmes Dominates on Vogue Cover

Katie HolmesWell here's a side of Katie Holmes we've never seen before.

Mrs. Tom Cruise is making an appearance on the August cover of Vogue Espana in an outfit better suited for a high-class dominatrix than the docile mother-to-Suri we usually see out and about.

I'm not especially digging the hat, but I LOVE Katie's makeup in this shot.

The Lanvin dress isn't bad, either, although I wouldn't be up for sucking in all night long in order to wear it.

That's what I think about Katie's new look:

What about you?

This cover is just one of several out-of-character photos for Katie inside the mag in a pictorial called "La Nuevo Katie" (you can see them here), which include shots of her in a lace mask and wearing the leather hat like a pro.

Katie seems to be projecting a more assertive public image lately, and now that Jennifer Lopez has announced that she's getting a divorce from Mark Anthony, I'm wondering if we're going to start seeing more formerly submissive wives like Katie and J. Lo start to stand up for themselves.

This Vogue shoot certainly seems like a step in that direction, don't you think?

So ... Do you like this new direction for our little Joey from Dawson's Creek, or do you think she should just step back into Tom Cruise's shadow?


Image via Vogue Espana

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mleil... mleilanim

She should really go back to Katie. Name Kate only makes me think of Kate + 8 & Katies not that by a long shot. Great cover!!!

Samal... Samallama

I never saw J.Lo as a submissive wife. Also I don't think Katie is either...I think shes just a nice, quieter person and she's just being who she is. 


I like the cover though. She looks good!

Elizabeth Pattison

How do you know Katie and J Lo were submissive? What they show in public can be totally different from what they do at home.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Is that pic photoshopped? Maybe it's a weird angle, but she looks weirdly skinny to me. I know she's thin, but dang! That's almost scary skinny.

kisse... kisses5050

 I think if I have learned anything from the women on here it is that mothers and wives do not need to define of box themselves into one "type" I have read about moms who serve on the PTA during the day and do roller derby at night... women who never lose themselves on the journey of becoming wife and mother and those searching to find who they are outside that role... A woman can be anything  she wants to be...and she never should want to be in anyone's shadow it is a cold place to be.

nonmember avatar getreal

She had that wholesome fresh girl next door look when she was younger. Now...She's just gorgeous! I love that sexy look and makeup. I agree with ponychaser though, she looks scary skinny.

mamas... mamasheels

Her makeup is amazing. The first thing I noticed was how amazing her cheekbones look.

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Love It All! 

Anne Sambora Ginsberg

Not only does she look scary skinny, I can't tell if she's stoned, bored or dead.  Then again, that's how she always looks to me.  Dead eyes and no smile.

Lulu_B Lulu_B

LOVE IT. Especially the lace mask!!

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