Kate Middleton’s 6-Year Cinderella Makeover (PHOTOS)


kate middletonEver since Kate Middleton married Prince William in April, the world has become obsessed with her. Obviously, a lot of our interest and attraction comes from the fact that, eventually, she's going to be the Queen of England; but a good portion of it stems from Kate's subtle -- yet dramatic -- appearance transformation.

Before Kate became Duchess Catherine, she was a pretty girl. She was the type of woman one could pass in the hall or have a conversation with and simply think, "She's cute." But now. Now that she's royalty, she looks the part. Having a conversation with her seems laughable because, if ever given the chance, the only thing I would be able to do is marvel at her beauty.

So, what changed? It's hard to pinpoint, right? I analyzed photos of the Duchess from over the years and am fairly confident I've cracked the code. (Hint: It's not just her weight loss.)

Let's start with a old photo of Kate as a jumping-off point -- a really old photo.

kate middleton

This picture is from 2005. If any of us looked at a photo of ourselves from six years ago, I'm sure a lot would be different. Let's focus on Kate's style, though. (Clearly, she has lost a ton of weight.) Here, her hair is shorter and lighter. She also doesn't have (much of) her signature kohl-rimmed eyes. She also seems to have a bit of a sunburn and her teeth don't seem quite as pearly white as they currently are.

kate middleton

Not sure when this photo is from exactly, but it's obviously more recent than the one above. Pretty girl? Yes. Pretty princess? Eh, not so sure. Here, Kate's tresses are longer than they are in the other picture -- and longer than they are now. They're also darker than they were in the previous photo, but lighter than they are now. She basically has "college girl" hair here. It's nice. It's highlighted. It's very choppy and layered. She also seems less tan than she did before, but, again, more than she is now. Her eyebrows are also a bit bushier and more unkempt than they currently are.

kate middleton

Now we're talking. This photo is supposedly from last year. Crazy, right? She looks more grown-up and a little more fancy than she did in the other photos, but still, not "oh my God, I can't talk to you" pretty. Her hair is still highlighted with long, piecey layers. And she doesn't yet have her signature "Middleton" 'do.

kate middleton

And this is where the change really started to take shape. Her hair is darker, shorter, much more polished and shiny, and it's parted to the opposite side with small, swooping bangs. This is also obviously when Kate started to lose weight. Note her paler skin and more defined eyes, as well.

kate middleton

Here is where her weight loss really drastically changes her look. In addition to the lack of "baby fat" in her face, her porcelain skin, dark hair, and perfectly groomed eyebrows make her literally look like Snow White.

kate middleton

Her hair is a little longer, she's got her signature curl on the bottom thing going on, and as usual, her eyes and brows are perfectly defined. Also, note the simplicity of Kate's clothing (very good for taking pictures). And, I could be totally wrong here, but her forehead looks completely and totally smooth. Botox? Maybe? Just a little?

Bottom line, whatever she's doing is working. No longer does Kate look like a "cute girl" or a "college girl." She looks like a perfectly-coiffed, stunning woman, who was born to be a princess. Tell us your secrets, Kate!

How gorgeous is Kate?


Images via Splash, nothingtoomuch1/Flickr, UK_repsome/Flickr, americanistadechiapas/Flickr


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melan... melanniek

wow...you must have A LOT of time on your hands lol

Brittany Brown

i didn't read the whole thing but i looked at the pictures...she looks cuter (and friendlier...not saying she isn't friendly now) w/ a little meat on her

PonyC... PonyChaser

Botox? Really? She didn't have any forehead wrinkles in any of the pictures. I think she's just got good genes and a good skin-care regimen. Just because she's a celeb doesn't mean that she's automatically injecting crap into her body.

poshkat poshkat

she is so stick thin right now its kind of worrying.

nonmember avatar DANA

I believe the picture you are unsure of is from the Concert for Princess Diana, where they had been split up, but had gotten back together privately. She was invited to the concert but did not sit with Wills but sat a few rows back. This was a few years ago.

nonmember avatar kristi

I'm sorry, she's very beautiful but she's become too thin. She hasn't crossed over into unhealthy looking (unless you're looking a picture from her past), but I worry that she will soon. I can't imagine the amount of stress and pressure she has on her, but I really hope for her health that she doesn't lose anymore weight.

Areej Ad

She looks Fabulous now.

Aemelia Aemelia

Yeah that is drastic.  The weight loss is of course worrying in light of Princess Diana's eating issues.  It makes me wonder if that is something the crown pressures these girls on to this day.  Prince William is doing his level best to keep the press from killing her like happened to his mother but maybe he should worry about her weight too

shiva... shivasgirl

lol, and I look a lot different than I did 5 years ago...it's called aging,you go from looking like a girl to a woman in your twenties...they havnt found a away yet to stop it....

nonmember avatar sith

damn, you must have alot of time on your hands. How do you not get fired? damn

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