What to Wear to an Underwater Wedding

scubaThis couple took the Under the Sea theme to a whole new level. Alberto dal Lago, 41, and Karla Munguia, 43, got married off the coast of Playa del Carmen, Mexico in an underwater ceremony in front of 205 guests. The two love birds (love fish?) signaled their vows and exchanged rings 20 or so feet below the surface in scuba gear and bathing suits. It was the second largest underwater wedding ever -- apparently there was one a few years ago in Italy that drew 261 guests.

So what does one wear to an underwater wedding? If the dress code is mermaid-chic, I think the bride and groom should set the tone in these under-the-sea looks.


The actual bride wore a white gown, but I would've gone for a white bathing suit with a little bit of ruching. And there's got to be a bouquet -- this waterproof one made of brooches is great for sea and land. Jewelry should be inexpensive but appropriate, like these earrings and starfish ring, and of course, who could deny themselves some kitschy flip-flops?

bride outfitEarrings, Suit $109, Bouquet DIY, Flip-flops $11, Ring $29

And our groom should go for some nice, fitted swim trunks, like these from Prada. Cheap and colorful bow ties would be fun for him and the male guests, and obviously he needs a trident. Mr. and Mrs. towels for drying off would seal the deal.

Trident $13, Bow ties $50, Towels $18, Suit $200

What do you think? Would you ever have an underwater wedding?

Photo via chris_ford_uk/Flickr

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