Dare You to Put Pink Streaks in Your Hair – We Did! (PHOTOS)

Lately I've had the urge to do something drastic to my hair. I don't know what it is -- something in the air, a mom of twins itching to feel young again? Who knows. But when I saw POP Put On Pieces Color Strips for just $8, I thought, I can do that. It's a total non-commitment and safe for your hair. Like sex in the '60s. Yet it has an '80s feel. I'm no stranger to hair extensions, but these are colorful! Takes me back to the Manic Panic days of my youth. Deadly Nightshade, anyone? Oh that was my favorite one.

I wanted the whole staff to try it actually. Lucky for us, the company sent me a POP in amethyst to try out (so much like Deadly Nightshade!). See Jacqueline up there? The shirt matches, yes, which only makes her flirty look even more appealing, as if she is saying I dare you to try it! Looks good on me! Check out the other nine of us daring ladies who put a little punky pink in our tresses ....


Looks amazing in Jill's jet black hair. I love how it peeks out just a little bit. It's not fair that she can be smart, pretty, and have super silky hair. Don't hate, though. Appreciate.

Amy rocks it like Jill does and makes me think everyone on The Stir has silky non-frizzy hair but me. Love it! It doesn't look like a clip-on, right?

Oooh clip it higher like Kim did and swoop it so it's part of your side-swooped bangs. Glamorous!

Nicole shows it looks great on blondes, too. And so does the color blue. And tans. I think she's auditioning to be the next POP hair model. I think she deserves the spot.

Gah! That's me, I braided it in with my frizzy hair. It was really humid that day.

Lindsay looks ready to go to an indie rock show. Or on a date with Ryan Gosling to the dog park, maybe some ice cream after. Yum.

Catherine is proof that even pregnant women can have fun with punky hair colors. Baby will be born wearing a onesie that says, My mom is the coolest.

The photos I took of Maressa made me look at her and think, Wow! She looks like Sookie from True Blood. So this is "Sookie" getting ready for a wild night at Fangtasia ... hopefully with some Eric action included.

It looks very pretty in Emily's gorgeous wavy locks (jealous!) and she showed that even a flowery sundress looks sweet with a pink streak of hair.

Important note, us ladies in these photos, we represent a wide range of ages. I know, I know, we all look 18 right? RIGHT? You don't have to guess who is closer to the big 4-0 and who is closer to the little 2-0 or anything, but I think we can see that it's pretty snazzy for lots of ages. And great for your kids, too. Clip in when they want to have fun. Clip out when the grandparents come to visit so they don't judge your parenting choices more than they already do.

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It's real human hair by the way and can be curled or straightened, and comes in amethyst, blue, gold, pink, purple, black, and red. You can get them online at Ulta or look for a retailer near you.

Would you try Put On Pieces?

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