$6,000 Is a Little Pricey for a Tampon Holder

alexa chungIt seems like it was only yesterday that Americans found out who the heck Alexa Chung even was, but here she is, helping Mulberry's value reach a billion dollars. That's some serious fashion clout.

In case you're not up on your fashion-none-of-us-can-afford news, here's the Cliff's Notes: Fashion house Mulberry designed four different handbags, or "satchels" if you're nasty, inspired by the It girl, appropriately calling them the "Alexa." Chung is seen everywhere toting the bags, which range from small and really expensive (the Mini Alexa goes for around $850) to large and refinance-your-house expensive (a larger, ostrich leather bag goes for around $6,050). The bags are so popular that the value of Mulberry has grown five times in one year. And the bags account for more than 30% of their sales.

Celebrity-endorsed clothing, handbags in particular, is nothing new. But Miss Chung is living proof that it's all about which celebrity is doing the endorsing.




The Alexa bag was inspired by an image of the former MTV host using a vintage Mulberry men's briefcase as a purse. And that right there, my friends, is why it's so successful.

With the exception of a few other fashionable ladies -- Kate Moss, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller -- not many women would think to use a men's briefcase as a handbag. It's the kind of thing only reserved for bad asses. And that's exactly who should be endorsing fashion. Because other fashion-y people look to them for inspiration. Am I confusing you with my over-usage of the word "fashion"?

Think about it this way: The bag just wouldn't have been what it was if it was the "Gwyneth," the "Jennifer," or even the "Angelina." Yes, these women are beautiful and seem to have a taste for fashion, but one never looks at them and is suddenly struck with inspiration. We look at them and think, "There's a perfectly pretty woman in a perfectly pretty dress."

Women who are willing to drop $500 on something that holds lipgloss and tampons have to be vehement lovers of fashion. And vehement lovers of fashion only want to buy something endorsed by someone as awesome as them. Buying something that Jennifer Aniston wears would be a little too vanilla for them.

So, I guess this whole post is basically a long-winded way of saying that Alexa Chung has spectacular style and she's a perfect celebrity-endorser. Also, that bag is really pretty.

Which celeb's style do you covet most?


Image via mtv

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