New Kim Kardashian Habit Could Kill Off the Stiletto

kim kardashianI have never been more thankful for Kim Kardashian. At first she was just a hot celebutant who brought a little fun into my Sunday night TV watching routine, but now? Now she's an inspiration. No, she's not helping the homeless or feeding the hungry (silly you), she's ... eep! ... wearing flats. As in shoes without heels. As in, Kim Kardashian is coming around to my dark side, and I love her for it.

I've given up trying to buy new cute, trendy heels because let me tell you: You cannot find a pair that is not at least 4 inches tall. A hip heel under around 3 inches tall? Doesn't exist. Does.Not.Exist. Maybe Kim is just as frustrated as I am about this aggressively tall shoe trend that she's like, "Forget it. I'm wearing flats. I'm not killing myself walking around on stilts anymore."

Word, girl. Word.


I've had it up to HERE (separates pointer finger and thumb as wide as she can) with the lack of normal-height, and cool, heels on the market. Sure, you can find a pair of 3-inch Donna Karan heels that are navy blue with gold chains on the clearance rack at DSW, but that's not what we're going for, people.

We are in serious need of some hip, hot, trendy, sexy, and exciting high heels that have heels that are 3 inches or less. Because I can't take it anymore. I'm 5'7": Do I really need to be 6 feet when I want to wear heels? And do people not walk in heels these days? Because I don't see how you can have a fun night out if your feet are killing you. Four-inchers will do that to ya, platform or not.

Kim is probably just as peeved as I am (since we're besties from another life) and wants to be comfortable, cool, and casual. If it's a choice between sky-high heels and flats, I always go for flats, and now Kim might be joining my team, too.

I know a lot of you out there love your high, high heels (hi mom!) and that's great for you -- but we need more variety in stylish shoes' heel height because I cannot wear flip-flops, nor 4-inchers, any longer.

Have you been frustrated by shoe shopping recently? Have you noticed the trend toward aggressively high heels?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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