Saggy Pants Aren’t the Worst Flying Fashion Faux Pas

dressing well while flyingLet's get real people, air travel is no longer the luxury it once was. You know, back in those golden days of boozing it up in the air, and when sexual harassment of a stewardess was known as "having a good time." Between the indignities of passing through security and being crunched in between two other cranky, sweaty people, you can understand why three-pieces have turned into track suits.

Which makes it even more curious that a young, black man was tossed off a U.S. Airways flight for wearing saggy pants. He was arrested for not going immediately, and charges were brought against him. Incidentally, they were later dropped when it was revealed a white man on the flight was wearing women's lingerie. Racist, much?

But really, the point is that people just don't know how to dress on airplanes anymore. Saggy pants aren't even close to being the problem. I mean, have you looked around lately?


If we're going to be throwing passengers off flights willy-nilly for a fashion faux-pas, might I suggest the following people get the boot before a young man who is actually wearing pants?

  • Family of four in full Disneyland attire
  • Teenage girls in "Juicy" sweatpants and flip-flops
  • Anyone in curlers
  • The heavily perfumed and cologned
  • Any baby in a "My Mom Is a MILF" onesie
  • Someone wearing a 10-, 15-, or even 5-gallon hat
  • Men with bad toupees
  • Anyone with their face painted in team colors

How do you dress when you fly the friendly skies?

Image via Sean McEntee/Flickr

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