The Secret to Kate Middleton’s Fresh-Faced Glow

kate middletonI think we've officially documented our obsession with Kate Middleton/Duchess Catherine/Princess Perfect over the last few months, but what harm could one more post do? This time around let's focus on her summertime beauty -- she looks so great, doesn't she? Casual, simple, and clean yet elegant, young, and sophisticated.

You and I may not be royalty, but we sure can do our best to look the part. With these cheap-o makeup finds, we'll be looking like Kate in no time.

Now all that's left is buying that plane ticket to London, bumping into Prince Harry on a night out, and making him propose marriage. Can't be too hard ... but let's start with the makeup and a huge photo of Kate, up close and personal.


For Kate's eyes, you'll need an eyebrow filler-inner, a high-quality mascara, and light purple eyeshadow. I chose Maybelline's eyebrow powder because it's my favorite -- I don't leave home without it. For mascara I love Blinc's "tube technology." Rather than painting it on, this mascara forms tiny water-resistant "tubes" around your lashes for ultimate hold and amplification. Love Stila contrasting eye shadows, too.

eyesMaybelline eyebrow powder $4, Blinc mascara $24, Stila eyeshadow $4

For Kate's skin, we don't want to go too heavy. A light-weight bronzer like Bare Escentuals and a glossy blush from Tarte is all you need. I love and swear by both products. If you haven't tried Tarte's blush stains, you must. Do it. Do it do it do it.

Tarte blush stain in 'Tipsy' $30, Bare Escentuals Bronzer $18
Our Duchess's lips look lightly tinted and matte -- a great summer look. Try Tarte's matte and natural lip tint (can you tell I'm a Tarte fan?) or Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

Tarte lip tint $24, Burt's Bees lip balm $7

What are your favorite summertime beauty products? Do you like Kate's look?

Photo via Karen Ballard/Getty

And here's an enlarged version of the photo, so we can take in the full effect:

kate middleton

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