Katie Holmes Doesn’t ‘Look Good for Her Age’

katie holmesKatie Holmes deserves a lot of credit -- being married to Tom Cruise, raising a child in the spotlight, and running her own fashion line cannot be easy. But there's one thing I think Katie's getting too much credit for: Her good looks and her good body.

She looks amazing and not "for her age" or "after having a kid" -- she deserves credit for treating herself right and looking great without any sort of qualifiers. She's young. She's hot. The end.


Anyone with precious time on their side doesn't warrant the same type of mad respect as someone who doesn't. The way Katie talks about herself, and the way she's angled in the press, I thought she was approaching 40. Which isn't old, per se, but it's not young ... and Katie's ... still young. At 31 years old, she's got a long way to go until she should even think about plastic surgery or 'aging gracefully.'

She told InStyle for the July issue that she wouldn't get her lips filled because her sisters would kill her, and that she's figuring out aging as it comes. All understandable, but I just think it's kind of a shame that she's already being asked questions about how she intends to grow old gracefully and what she will and won't do to her gorgeous face to preserve it.

How long until we start asking the teens what their game plan is for battling the (hopeful) inevitability of aging? Katie Holmes is an extraordinarily beautiful woman who has time yet to worry about that sort of thing. I know she's in her early 30s and I wouldn't be surprised if she has had some fillers (only because I feel like that's the norm in Hollywood), but I just wish she wasn't being asked already about what she's going to do (gasp!) when she gets older.

Do you think 31 is too young to be told "you look great for your age"?

Photo via InStyle

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