Calvin Klein ‘Naked’ Ads Make Me Strip Down (VIDEO)

calvin klein nude underwearVictoria is about to have some serious competition in the racy lingerie ad department. Calvin Klein's new "Nude" campaign starring super hot model Lara Stone (get used to this lady, as you're only going to be seeing more and more of her in the future) will surely sell some underthings. Not since his pervy ad campaign for CK in the 1990s has Calvin Klein had so many eyes upon his products. Of course when your tag line for your "Naked Glamour" line is "designed to make a woman look even sexier than when naked," you'd better be ready for some serious attention.

Using Stone will not only sell some bras, but even for a mere mortal like myself, Calvin Klein has convinced me to give his latest line a shot. But I didn't need this visual reminder that CK understands how to make a woman comfortable while looking like a sex pot. Yet, here it is:


Even though I spend more time shopping in Target than Bloomingdale's, every time I've purchased lingerie by Calvin Klein, it's been the sexiest and most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever owned. Additionally, his super soft T-shirts fit perfectly and highlight the good while glossing over the bad. I honestly had a cotton shortie nightgown from CK for seven years because it was so incredibly kind to my body that I never wanted to get rid of it until it got so stretched out, it wasn't even covering what it was supposed to be covering.

So what I'm saying is, this company knows what it's doing. The simple lines, soft materials, and flattering cuts do make me look better than when I'm naked. But I'm guessing Lara Stone does just fine on her own, while naked or otherwise.

What do you think about CK's new Naked Glamour line?


Image via YouTube

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