Nigella Lawson Admits She's an 'Aquaholic': Are You?

Food NetworkWe've long been told that drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will give us clear, youthful skin and better overall health.

But is there such a thing as too much water?

Some doctors say yes -- and now, according to the Daily Mail, Food Network star Nigella Lawson is admitting to having the problem herself. The Daily Mail reports that Nigella has termed herself an 'aquaholic,' saying that she drinks three liters of water before bedtime every night.


Want to know what doctors say could happen to aquaholics if they continue fueling their addiction?

Read on!


The Daily Mail reports that doctors say that one problem with drinking too much water is that you start to feel thirsty all the time, even when you're adequately hydrated.

And it gets much worse from there. According to the Daily Mail, actor Anthony Adams actually overdosed on water back in 2003:

Andrews had been drinking five litres of water a day, believing it would keep his vocal cords fresh, while starring as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady in the West End.

However, he became delirious backstage and Dr Wheeler’s speed at identifying the life-threatening cause helped him survive.

Say what?

Some doctors say the recommendation to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day could actually be harmful to our health, causing our sodium levels to be excessively diluted.

And I will admit that when I've tried to dramatically increase my water intake, I've often felt a bit ill and shaky.

Yet you have to admit, Nigella's skin is enviable. Could her water addiction be responsible?

What do you think about 'aquaholism'? Real-life problem or media hype?


Image via Food Network

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