The Nail Treatment Every Mom Needs NOW


Recently I have come to the conclusion that "mom beauty" isn't about doing one's hair daily or wearing a full set of makeup to the park, but rather is a series of long-term maintenance rituals that add up to a pulled together mom look even when the rest is somewhat schlumpy.

In other words, a weekly blowout can keep one's long hair looking shiny perfect (along with the right dry shampoo) for a week. That's a lot of no muss park time!

Nails are another big one. But what mom is able to keep her nails perfect given the amount of sunscreen, bug spray, and Band-Aids she applies in a week. Between the hand washing and the swim time at the park, it seems mom is doomed to short, filed, unpolished nails. And then I discovered Shellac. To the left is my first Shellac manicure.

Shellac is a new manicure technique that came out in 2010. It's a cross between regular nail paint and gel paints and is cured with a UV lamp.

It's dry the moment you walk out of the salon. I walked home from getting my nails done, came into my house, and changed my son's poopy diaper. No nicks, no chips. I showered, too. My nails were still perfect.

During the week after I got my first Shellac, I was on vacation. I swam 8 miles, kayaked 15, ran 36, changed countless diapers, washed my hands 1,000 times, took two showers a day. And not once did I get a nick or a chip.

After 12 days, they looked like this:

The only change was at the bottom where I could see my nail growth. That's it! After a very active week.

At my local salon, Shellac costs about twice the price of a regular manicure, but for $30, my nails are perfect for two weeks. That is an unbelievably good deal. And while many people told me my nails would look awful after, I disagree. Here they are:

My second application went on just as well and seems to be lasting just as long:

I may be a bit late to the party, but now that I have tried Shellac, I know I will be spending two hours per month getting it. The result will be perfect nails all month.


Have you tried Shellac?




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winte... winterrose82

Does it withstand cleaning? I mean doing the bathrooms, mopping, etc.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I love shellac! I had it on my toes for 4 weeks and it still looked perfect except for the new growth. It stayed shiny and chip-free even though I was in pools, the ocean, on the beach, and had my toes stepped on over and over by a 2 year old. I had my nails done also and they were good for about 2 weeks before the grow out drove me crazy. Make sure you ask them to push the cuticles allll the way back (and trim them too) so that you get the most out of your nails. The lady didn't do anything with my cuticles when she did my nails and they looked like junk (with the grow out) within 2 days. It isn't a quick process, especially when you are removing old shellac, so be prepared to sit there for awhile but it is totally with it!

Melis... Melissa042807

No...I'm prone to moles and freckles so putting my hands under the UV lamp between all the steps kind of freaks me out. I just keep my nails well-groomed and bare most of the time.

LadyAsh4 LadyAsh4

I'd rather not have beetle juice all over my hands.

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