Top 40 Worst-Dressed Cities: Did Yours Make the Cut?

FlickrGQ has released its list of the top-40 worst dressed cities in America -- at least as far as men's fashion is concerned. From

After a deeply scientific, irrefutable poll, we gathered, analyzed, and ranked the most sartorially-challenged metropolises in the greater United States.


I'm sure they were hard-pressed to narrow the list down to just 40 cities. Men are notoriously awful dressers, no matter where they live.

Double denim, anyone? How about an ushanka thrown in for good measure?

Want to find out if your city made the top 40 list?

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Here's GQ's Top 40 list:

1. Boston
2. Los Angeles
3. Pittsburgh
4. Chicago
5. Manhattan
6. Philadelphia
7. Maui
8. Salt Lake City
9. Miami
10. St. Louis
11. Brooklyn
12. New Orleans
13. Las Vegas
14. Martha’s Vineyard
15. Provo, UT
16. Santa Fe
17. Atlanta
18. Austin
19. Jersey Shore
20. San Francisco
21. Houston
22. Wasilla, AK
23. Dallas
24. Saint Paul, MN
25. Buffalo
26. Orlando
27. San Diego
28. Burlington, VT
29. Newport Beach
30. Cleveland
31. Detroit
32. Omaha
33. Asbury Park, NJ
34. Seattle
35. Raleigh
36. Portland
37. Kansas City, MO
38. Bristol, CT
39. Nashville
40. Boulder, CO

I'm personally offended Nashville made the cut. The writer was correct in saying that cowboy boots often replace dress shoes, and sometimes even sneakers. But this statement about my fair city's men folk is patently false:

"[B]y 'tie' they mean the leather shoestring thing your nephew wears in Boy Scouts."

Um, excuse me, 'Mark Anthony Green,' but have you ever actually been to Nashville? Because the "leather shoestring thing" is not a look I've ever seen on anyone here besides my husband. And he's crazy.

Also, seriously? A photo of Billy Ray Cyrus from 1991? You couldn't find anything more recent? GAH.

So, ladies, is your town on this list? And do you agree with GQ's assessment or disagree?

Image via PDAgrl/Flickr

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