Hats Off to Lady Gaga's New Internship

philip treacy hatIf you thought the hat that Princess Beatrice's wore to the royal wedding was odd, you ain't seen nothing yet. Philip Treacy, the famous British hat designer responsible for the romantic-mirror-meets-pretzel hat Beatrice wore, gave an interview in which he said that Lady Gaga wants to be his intern.

The Gaga has worn some of Treacy's creations in the past, and so have Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker. We know that Gaga is a fan of an eccentric outfit so if this internship actually happens, we're all in for a world of crazy hats.



When two minds like Treacy's and Gaga's come together, who knows what could happen. Treacy said that he loves that Gaga is young, talented, and peculiar. Agree on all points good sir, but does this mean we're going to see some meat hats?

Right now the details of the supposed internship are being worked out, including whether or not Treacy's work-space would be able to keep Gaga safe from (rabid fans? rabid hat lovers?) anyone who would want to harm her.

Also can we talk about the word "internship" here for a second? I think Gaga is doing a disservice to the term -- she's not interning. She's not getting coffee and taking Treacy's b.s. They'll be collaborating. I know what an internship smells like, and it's not of mutual respect and adoration. Neh ah. It smells of copy toner, Starbucks, and dying souls. Doubt Gaga will sniff that when she walks through those doors on her first day.

Anyway, sure, sure it's great Gaga's going to make some weird hats, but what about the music? I've purchased all her albums, sing her songs at karaoke and just pretty much wait for her next hit to drop. I hope this "internship" doesn't get in the way. I'll never buy a Gaga x Treacy hat, but I will buy music, so I hope she doesn't forget about her pop-loving fans.

What's your opinion?

Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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