This Woman Has 19 Feet of Fingernails! (VIDEO)

My Strange AddictionSome women like to keep their fingernails long, but 19 feet of fingernails seems a little extreme, don't you think?

Click through to see how Jazz from Atlanta lives with these nails. The video is definitely worth watching!


Check out this short segment from TLC's My Strange Addiction:

Whoa, is all I have to say.

Well, actually, I'll say more.

This ridiculous show takes on a pseduo-sympathetic tone when presenting people's crazy behavior, but in this case, it's completely bizarre.

We're watching all the difficulties poor Jazz faces when it comes to living with her long nails.

She can't type on the computer.

She can't text.

She can't open a can of soda.

She had to "relearn" how to do everything with long nails.

Poor, poor Jazz.

But wait a second. There's a solution to her difficulties!

Don't play sad music and show us Jazz simulating how she wipes her bum when she goes to the bathroom.


And voila! All of her problems will be solved!

I have never liked long fingernails, but nails these long really creep me out. How about you?


Screen grab via TLC

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