The 'Real' Reason Kate Middleton Is Your Style Icon

kate middletonThose J Brand jeans! That Reiss dress! Her Zara bag! Everything Kate Middleton wears I want. Not only because she's one hell of an advertisement for them, but because, well, I can wear them.

And I'm not talking about prices here. Truth be told, $169 is a little steep for a pair a jeans for me (though still cheaper than a lot of the things other celebrities wear). I'm talking about the general wear-ability of the clothes Kate chooses. They're no fuss. They're no frills. They almost look like they could have come from the Gap.

So, why does she look like a princess in her clothing while we look like slobs?


Before we get down to it, let's discuss Kate a bit. I think that part of everyone's fascination with Duchess Catherine is not just that she seems like a "real" person, but she dresses like one. In a world where celebrities wear dresses made of meat and dye their hair the color of Play-Doh, it's refreshing to see someone who actually looks a little bit like us.

Kate wears dresses and blazers. Jeans and blouses. Skirts and sweaters. And she repeats clothes! Something we rarely see a celebrity do. Though time may change it, we are yet to see her in an "outfit" or sporting some crazy trendy jewelry. In fact, aside from her blinding engagement ring and the occasional pair of small earrings, we really never see her in jewelry at all. Which brings back to my original question and the general point of this post: Why does she look like a future queen in her clothing while we look like her subjects?

Three things: Her poise, her hair, and her makeup.

The first one is obvious -- something we can all obtain very easily. Remember that time you went out looking less-than-fab, barely any makeup, but you felt really good? Yeah, that was a good night, and people seemed to be drawn to you. As corny as it sounds, you look how you feel.

Now on to the superficial stuff. Have you ever seen one g.d. hair out of place on that woman? She is a living, breathing Pantene commercial. There may as well be a fan in front of her at all times. She could be wearing a clown suit and still look glamorous with that hair. Remember, she doesn't travel with a stylist, but she does bring her hairdresser. Smart lady.

And then there's her makeup. Those two simple elements she incorporates on a daily basis that really anyone can emulate: kohl-rimmed eyes and flawless skin. The eyeliner one is simple. Find a good pencil (I LOVE Avon glimmersticks) and draw away. The flawless skin is a bit trickier, as, well, not everyone has flawless skin. I recommend Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil (or any mineral makeup) in the color closest to your skin tone. If anything is going to make you look clear-skinned and dewy (while not clogging your pores), it's that. 

Now have fun! You look like a princess!

Do you relate to Kate's style?

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