Recent Snooki Sighting Should Scare You Away From Boots in Summer

uggs shortsHey, I love myself a nice cozy pair of Uggs or similarly soft, fuzzy boots ... in the winter. So I'm trying to understand what's behind the trend of wearing furry boots in the blazing hot summertime (like Snooki and JWoww have been seen doing recently). Am I missing something?

I mean, I guess there is something kinda cute about cut-off denim shorts and a pair of boots, like if they're cowboy boots and you somehow make the whole thing look ironic yet hip. I could see a 12-year-old getting away with that, or an Olsen twin. But my comprehension ended there. So I did a little research to see if I could find any inspiring examples of this new style, and you know what I discovered? I'm not the only person who's not digging the seasonally inappropriate footwear thing.


There's actually a Facebook page with more than 2,000 likes called "i hate girls who wear UGGS in the summer." I would reprint some of the comments here, but I'm far too much of a lady to use that kind of language (let's just say the people who are anti-summer boots are very passionate about it). Though I did learn that Uggs were originally made to keep Australian surfers warm, most people would agree that unless you are an actual Australian surfer, you are not cool enough to rock this look in mid-July.

Determined to wrap my head around this fashion faux-pas, I dug deeper still, searching the terms "celeb," "summer," and "boot" over and over again. Aha! After clicking many a link, I realized that there is in fact a wide variety of boots that, in my opinion, work well with a summer wardrobe. Kicky little ankle boots with heels and fringe. Short, slouchy boots. Peep-toes. Even Doc Martens, just because they look so badass.

I haven't decided yet, but I think I might just try out a pair with a breezy sundress. But my Uggs are staying in the closet.

Would you wear furry boots in the summertime?


Image via Aurimas/Flickr

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