Dress 'French' for Bastille Day? Mais Oui!

eiffel towerBonjour party people, it's Bastille Day! I'm not really sure what it means either (French revolutions, storming of something important, red, white, and blue, something something something) but I do know one thing: I love French fashion and I love French food so whenever there's cause to celebrate our (mostly) friendly neighbors to the east, I will get out my stereotypical espadrilles and parade them all the way down to the nearest overpriced crepe truck. Yup! I'm a real Francophile. 

So that said, I want to honor the only French holiday I know by pulling together my dream outfit for the day. My little homage to fancy, France-y style. Wish I was wearing this instead of my ripped shorts and boat shoes, but hey, c'est la vie! Photos after the jump.


french fashionChanel earrings, $459; Marc by Marc Jacobs Beret, $78; Vintage Hermes scarf; Charm & Chain necklace, $75; Chanel lipstick, $42; Madewell espadrille boots, $135; Kate Spade espadrilles, $98; Kathy Ireland clutch, $42; Iro sweater, $249; Alice by Temperly shorts, $78.

Now granted, this is a little cliche, but come on! I want to look like a stereotypical Parisian lady about town. I was tempted to throw a pack of cigs in there, but thought better of it. I couldn't decide on the shoes, so I included both pairs that I covet. I also considered adding a poodle on a leash, a bottle of rose, a bar of chocolate, and a baguette, but just didn't want to bang anyone over the head with my desire to be in French costume on a French sound-stage filming a show about French fashion.

Happy Bastille Day, and happy shopping!

What French fashions do you love?

Photo via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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