Sephora Same Day Delivery Makes Me Cry Tears of Joy

sephoraI have a confession. This is just between us, right? If I were ever given 25 minutes to ransack the retail store of my choice, Supermarket Sweep-style, I would have to pick Sephora. Because I'm addicted to them and everything they purvey. The lotions, the scents, the lip gloss (oh, the lip gloss!). I heart Sephora and there ain't a damn thing that can be done about it (as much as my wallet would like).

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I currently work within close distance to one, so it's like, "Ran out of face wash?" No problem! "Shampoo bottle looking low?" Whatevs! The black and white emblazoned store is a stone's throw away from my office, so I can always grab my goods and use them that night. 

But what about you poor souls who don't live near a Sephora? You want to play with your makeup that same day too, don't you? Well, now you can, 'cause Sephora's gone Same Day Delivery on our asses.


Before you hyperventilate with glee or panic -- or, my specialty, a combination of the two -- I must tell you, it's currently only available in Manhattan (I know, boo!). But for those of you who live here (or make a trip here and don't want to ... leave your hotel?), here's how it works.

You call up 1-877-Sephora between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., choose Same Day Delivery Service, demand a tube of red lipstick and the biggest vat of bronzer money can buy, and voila! It appears on your doorstep via cute black and white Mini Cooper. Yesterday, for the launch, said Mini Cooper was accompanied by Brooklyn Decker. I don't think she'll always come for the delivery, though.

This is revolutionary -- and dangerous -- stuff here, guys. I mean, Same Day Delivery? When I worked from home, the reason I left the house once in a great while was to go to Sephora so I didn't have to wait for my products or pay a shipping fee. And this auspiciously leads me to my next point ...

The fee. It's $15. I understand they need to tack on an additional cost, but $15? They're only delivering in Manhattan. It's not that big here. $15 seems a little steep for such a charge. I could see $8 or even $10, but $15? That would almost be enough to make me not want to try the service. If I needed it. Again, around the corner.

Hopefully other stores will start following suit with this service, because the concept of it is amazing. Imagine getting a pair of shoes or a gadget you ordered within a couple of hours. That's big. That could actually end the physical retail world as we know it! Which would be really scary because if I ever work from home again, I may never leave my house.

What do you think of Sephora's Same Day Delivery?


Image via Leigh Vogel/Getty

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