Smelly Hair Syndrome: Are You a Victim?

FlickrWe've all had times when our hair wasn't smelling its best, but some poor women and men out there can't get rid of the stench no matter how many times they shampoo.

They suffer from something called Smelly Hair Syndrome, and say their hair smells so bad that it's commented on by people at work and has a negative impact on their social and personal lives.

Scariest of all? Anyone can get it. At any time.


According to the Daily Mail:

"There’s a sebaceous gland attached to each hair follicle and that produces oil," explains Glenn Lyons, clinical director at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic. "The more oily your hair, the more prone it is to picking up environmental pollutants, such as smoke, cooking odours, and other strong scents, that will make it smell.

"The scalp is densely populated not only with these oil glands, but also with sweat glands. In the same way that, regardless of what deodorant they use, some people are more prone to sweating and body odour than others, so too you’ll find that some people’s scalps are more prone to oiliness and odour than others."

And the Daily Mail isn't the only online outlet talking about SHS. A quick search online revealed SHS message boards and websites devoted to the problem. And a post about Smelly Hair Syndrome on elicited more than 200 comments from people dealing with the problem. Sufferers complain that their hair smells like mildew, or even a dirty diaper, and exchange remedies to mask the odor.


Here's another thing I have to worry about getting now! That will be me, obsessively smelling the ends of my hair for the rest of the day.

Have you ever heard of SHS? Do you think you might have it?


Image via nathalielaure/Flickr

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