What Is Your Man's Biggest Fashion Faux Pas?

Crocs n' SocksBelieve it or not, I pretty much leave my husband alone when it comes to his wardrobe. He does a good job of sticking to the basics and that's good enough for me.

But occasionally, I can't help but say something. Or in this case, gasp aloud.

Crocs with socks. Seriously. Crocs. With. Socks.

Does your man ever come out dressed like this?


I know some of you loathe Crocs altogether. I don't have that problem, fortunately. Hubs loves his Crocs and I don't mind them at all. I actually slip his on when I'm going to get the mail!

But add the socks and we've got a problem.

In his defense, Hubs typically doesn't wear his Crocs with socks. He was going to his first-ever yoga class and thought this was appropriate. But I'll admit, a part of me died when he left the house like this, AND I LET HIM.

You choose your battles, people. Perhaps because I didn't make a huge fuss about the Crocs 'n' Socks (beyond insisting on getting a photo before he left), Hubs changed a broken doorknob for me later in the day.


So tell me, ladies ... what has been your husband's/significant other's most egregious fashion faux pas lately?


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