Steve Buscemi Dress Is the Coolest Thing Since Steve Buscemi

steve buscemiWell, this is it, ladies. The missing link in your wardrobe has been created: A body-conscious tank dress with a giant picture of Steve Buscemi's face plastered on the front. And the back. It's the The Steve Dress. Is it everything you hoped for?

For me personally, this has exceeded my expectations. I mean, I've been dreaming of a Steve Buscemi dress for, pshh, I don't even know how long. I can't believe this is the beautiful piece of art that's finally been designed. I'm chomping at the bit to pair this bad boy with a pair of platform stilettos and a chunky necklace.

But now that I've -- we've -- ordered this, I think there's only one thing left on our minds ...


When are they going to come out with a James Gandolfini dress? I mean, everybody knows you can't have a Steve Buscemi dress without a James Gandolfini dress.

That would just be tacky.

Would you buy this beautiful dress?


Image via Black Milk

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