Are These the Ugliest Shoes Ever Made?

St. Looi BluesI did a double-take when I saw these shoes on Perez Hilton's fashion site, Coco Perez. One of the bloggers there had received a pair as a gift and was swooning over them.

Was this some kind of a joke? Horrified, I clicked on the link, only to find that THESE SHOES ARE FOR REAL. And they come in all sorts of colors and patterns.

So tell me, are they the ugliest shoes you've ever seen or what?


The shoes are made by Australian shoemaker St. Looi Blues, who also offers (far more reasonable-looking) shoes for men.

For women though, there are these:

St. Looi Blues

And only these.

And I can't imagine who on earth would want to wear them.

A witch, perhaps?

A woman who likes to dress to look like a gunslinger out of the wild west?

A female pimp? (Is there such a thing?)

I'm sure there are going to be readers out there who leave comments about how much they LOVE these shoes, how GREAT they are, how I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, how my mom must've been drinking when she was pregnant with me, etc.

Well, ye who disagree, IT'S ON.

I say these are the ugliest women's shoes ever made.

Prove me wrong!


Image via St. Looi Blues

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