GUESS Gives Gorgeous New Swimsuit Most Sexist Name

she's ditsy monokiniFind the perfect bathing suit, and it defines feeling "like a woman." Revealing just enough skin to make you feel flirty and sexy. Covering up just enough to leave something to the imagination. Letting you own your curves.

Too bad Guess didn't play off that when they put out their sexy new monokini. Oh, it's cute alright. But dubbed the "She's Ditsy," the advertising copy for the suit will make you feel worse than the edge of your tush when it hits the leather seats in the hot car after a long day at the beach.


I first noticed the description on the Swim Spot website for what I initially thought was a pretty cute suit. I'm finding it around the web at shops that sell the "She's Ditsy," making it pretty clear this is not the seller's problem but something that can be traced back to Guess:

Embrace your inner "blonde" with the She's Ditsy G-Cut One Piece Swimsuit. Designed with Guess's signature print, ruffle details, and an asymmetrical strap this monokini will bring out the "blonde" in you ... And who said "blonde" moments were such a bad thing?

Well, Guess, YOU said "blonde" moments were a bad thing. By implying that blonde women are ditsy. And you made the rest of us feel like crap by indicating we all needed to bring out our "inner blonde" like the rest of us just wasn't up to snuff. So much for using that bathing suit to increase our self-esteem.

The dumb blonde jokes may work for those of us who want to feel less intimidated by powerful women (seriously, studies have found men who encounter fair-haired women tend to get more fluttery than when they meet a brunette or a redhead), but fortunately science tells us that beautiful women can actually be smarter than the average. Too bad the folks at Guess didn't get the memo ... this is one cute suit otherwise.

Do you think this is in bad taste? Would you wear the "She's Ditsy" because it's cute, ignoring the name and the copy?


Image via Swim Spot

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