Running in Heels Still Not Advisable

Running in Heels

Glamour magazine held its annual Stiletto Run in Moscow recently, reinforcing the point that it's never a good idea to run in heels -- particularly in a race.

Click through to see the painful video.


Check out this video: Crazy, right?

My question after seeing these painful falls:

Why is this funny?

I don't feel particularly proud of my gender watching them race in stilettos and tight, skimpy dresses as male photographers and videographers capture it on video.

I feel... dumb. And objectified. And the fact that a fashion magazine is sponsoring the event makes it even more annoying.

I'm conflicted- I love wearing a pretty pair of stilettos as much as the next girl. They definitely give my legs a nicer line than flats. But seeing this race makes me a little ashamed that we wear shoes that are uncomfortable and make us fall if we try to run in them.

What do you think of the stiletto race? Good fun or bad run?


Screen Grab via Reuters


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