Kardashian Nail Polish Collection Is Here & It's Weird (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian nail polishConsider me Santa Claus because do I have a gift for YOU: The Kardashian nail polish collection is here! We've waited for this arrival since it was announced back in May that the sisters were working with nail polish execs at Nicole by OPI and the moment has finally arrived -- they've debuted the 14 colors and cheese and rice, I don't know if I can wait until December! Must have Kardashian nails now! Even though, uh, the colors are kinda weird.

But who cares! I can't say no to anything Kardashian. I'm bummed the polishes won't be available for purchase until the holidays (those Kardashians -- so business savvy!), but we can still look at the colors and go oooh and ahhh and get really upset that we're not a part of the Kardashian family. Because seriously? How fun would it be!

Photos of the nail polish collection after the jump!


There are a total of 14 colors, but let's look at some of the ones named for the girls themselves.

kardashian nail polish
Rainbow in the S-Kyle and All Kendall-ed Up
kardashian nail polish
Kim-plenty in Love and Khloe Had a Lam Lam
kardashian nail polish
Hard Kourt Fashionista and Kourt Is Red-i for a Pedi
kardashian nail polish
Listen to Your Momager and Sealed With a Kris
All polishes will retail for $7.99, which isn't too bad I suppose. The other colors in the collection are called My Empire ... My Rules (a steel gray), Follow Me on Glitter (silver and glittery), Wear Something Spar-Kylie (pink and glittery), Disco Dolls (gold and glittery), Kendall on the Katwalk (light blue and glittery), and It's All About Glam (white).

Usually nail polish collections have some semblance of a color scheme, but not this one. It's so all over the place I'm not even sure which season it's for. But I guess that's the beauty of the Kardashians -- they each have a unique taste and sense of style -- it's no wonder the colors don't match!

After this holiday debut, maybe the spring Kardashian nail polish collection will include colors like Mad About Bruce (a light green), or You Robbed My Heart (a florescent pink), or Humphries as a Bird (pastel yellow), or Getting Off Scott Free (black), or I'm Disick of It (violet). Just a thought.

What color do you like? What names would you like to see in the next collection?

Photos courtesy of david_shankbone/Flickr and OPI

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