My Shampoo Is Making Me Fat

shampoo makes you fatIt's true that I've put on a few pounds lately. I've been looking at several food issues that may account for the newfound flab, but apparently I should have been looking in my bathroom. It turns out that using shampoo or cosmetics with phthalates or BPA can wreak havoc on your waistline. And here we just thought it was poisoning our babies.

We already know that Bisphenol-A imitates estrogen and can cause early puberty in little girls, and female characteristics in little boys. Additionally, the anti-testosterone properties of the chemicals makes weight loss more difficult, and the endocrine disrupters actually cause obesity. The heaviest girls in this latest study about the dangers of BPA and phthalates also had the highest levels of chemicals in their bodies.

The kicker of it all is those people who are eating low-fat diets and trying to maintain or lose weight are getting it the worst.


It seems when you eat less fat, your skin can dry out, causing you to use more moisturizer, which is often filled with chemicals and disrupts your system even further. Nice! Since BPA and phthalates are found in your soaps, your lotions, basically everything you do to make yourself look pretty, you're just slathering on these "chemical calories" and getting fatter and fatter. And I thought it was the doughnuts.

So here's what you should do too, if you just discovered your shampoo is to blame for all of your weight woes.

1) Stop washing your hair, cleaning yourself, wearing makeup.

Hahahaha, yeah right.

2) Nothing. It's great to have an excuse, right?

3) Search the EWG's safe cosmetics database, and change your favorite brands -- pronto.

Is your shampoo toxic?


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