Kate Middleton Style Obsession Is Bad for Everybody

kate middletonDid you ever, in your wildest dreams, think that Nicole Kidman could look "dumpy," as one publication recently called her? No, right? She's a stick! Well, despite the fact that she looked anything but fat (or even "dumpy"), the Aussie star actually did look a little less svelte than usual next to Kate Middleton the other night at a BAFTA event. It's true.

Kate Middleton is the incredible shrinking woman. And not to spread bad body images or anything, but she kind of, sort of, totally looks amazing. Everything she wears looks like it was made for her and her alone. She can do no wrong. Google her. Try to find one fashion faux pas she's committed in her reign. I triple dare you. Face it, in a matter of months, she has become a fashion force to be reckoned with. Everything she wears is coveted, copied, and sells out in a minute.

But are we -- or is she? -- getting too obsessed with "Kate and her clothes"?


There's no question that Kate is a beautiful woman -- inside and out. Although she hasn't said much to the public, I get the impression that she is kind, patient, and gentle. But the world has focused SO MUCH (me, included) on her outer appearance and general fashion fierceness. We want to be just like her -- on the outside. The person she is seems secondary. And I'm sure she knows this -- and I'm sure this is part of the reason she maintains that insanely skinny frame.

There's clearly so much pressure for her to look flawless at every appearance she makes (and, so far, success). She wouldn't be human if she didn't think about clothes, and makeup, and dieting now more than ever. She's a "celebrity." And we're not only scrutinizing (and enabling) her, we're following her lead.

It sounds horrendously cheesy, but wouldn't it be nice if everyone focused on Kate the person more than Kate the fashionista? And emulated that side of her? We're all running out to buy every dress, bag, and shoes she's worn, why don't we try imitating her kindness, patience, and gentleness instead?

What do you think of this Kate Middleton style obsession?

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