Kate Moss Baby Keeps 'Beautiful People' Race Alive

kate moss weddingWhen supermodels retire from the runways, some of them eat, some of them sleep, and some of them have children. While they deserve a little R&R after years of hard work being gorgeous, I think they have an obligation to society. Not that they need to choose a charitable cause or volunteer for the homeless (though that would be nice) -- they have a higher calling. They need to breed.

Breed often, breed feverishly, and breed a lot. A supermodel's duties do not stop when the bright light is off her; she has a responsibility to pass on her perfect genes to populate the Earth with beautiful people.

Cindy Crawford's done her part. Have you seen her daughter?? And Kate Moss and family aren't disappointing, either. Photos after the jump.


The good news is that I think a lot of supermodels are on board with this plan. Heidi Klum's got a gaggle of spawn, Gisele's got a son, and Kate Moss has a daughter. Rumor has it that Kate Moss is looking to get pregnant again, ASAP. That's great news! Her babies will keep the "beautiful people" race alive. Her 8-year-old Lila Grace is already a stunner.

Speaking of Kate Moss, props to her dad for realizing that he had a gorgeous daughter and decided to make another. Peter Moss had Charlotte Moss, Kate's 13-year-old half sister, with his second wife when Kate was 24 years old. I'm glad Peter took the bull by the horns here and realized his genes were capable of spawning supermodels and got after it again.

Charlotte Moss is poised to follow closely in Kate's footsteps -- just look at that face!

kate moss wedding
Kate Moss' wedding, Charlotte back right.
charlotte moss
A close-up of Charlotte Moss

Thanks to Peter Moss' wherewithal, I think that supermodels and parents of supermodels should be contractually bound to procreate. If we could get a super breed going of super human super pretty supermodel spawn, I don't think anyone would complain.

cindy crawford
Cindy Crawford and family.
cindy crawford daughter
A close-up of Kaia

The results so far have been stellar -- Cindy's 9-year-old daughter Kaia is her doppelganger. See!? These are the kind of returns we're looking for. Thoroughbred horses don't just happen, they're bred from the fastest sire and fastest mares ... same idea here for our flawless fellow humans. The more model spawn, the better!

In 10 years, do you think we'll see Kaia and Charlotte on the runways?

Photos of Cindy and family via John Sciulli/Getty; Kate Moss and family via Splash News

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