Kate Middleton Wears a Bunlette: Yay or Nay?

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is certainly setting her own style rules now that she's one of the most recognizable women in the world.

Her sweetly demure dresses don't in any way mimic the down-to-there necklines of the fashion elite, and even her hairstyles seem to be more about what looks good on her than what everyone else is doing.

Case in point: this bunlette (that's my own term) that she wore on her last day in Los Angeles.

No one else is wearing their hair this way right now, but as far as Kate's concerned, it doesn't matter. She likes it and if you don't, well, who really cares because you're not the Duchess of Cambridge, now are you?

But I do want to know: do you like this look?

And would you wear it if you could?

Here's what I think ...


I'm undecided.

I know, it's such a cop-out, right?

I can't say I hate the look because I actually wear my hair this way from time to time.

But it's definitely not my favorite hairstyle on Kate.

In fact, I like her hair half up and half down like this, but I like it better when she just pulls it back in a barrette. The bun isn't horrible, but it almost takes away from the overall effect.

Does that make sense?

On the other hand, I love that she wore this style simply because it's not something I'm seeing in all the magazines. I wish more fashion icons went out on a limb like this and simply wore a hairstyle that they liked and that worked with their features. It would allow us all to feel a little more creative and a little less like slaves to what's "current."

And why do we let other people decide that for us, anyway?

Your thoughts?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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