Women's World Cup Highlights Hot New Hairstyle

Women's World CupMy husband has coached girls' soccer for years, and so the Women's World Cup has been on 24-7 here at the Ferrier house.

I enjoy watching the women's teams play as well, but one thing that has stood out in all of the games I've watched (besides the awesome plays, of course) is the cool new hairstyle many of the women's players are wearing.

Rather than going with the elastic bands of yore to keep back stray bangs, many of them have opted for a French braid, woven into a ponytail.

There's this traditional French braid, sported by a goalie in the Australia vs. Norway match-up.

And then there's another way favored by the US team, which involves French braiding the front section of hair into a sort of headband style, and pulling the rest back into a ponytail.

Want to see how to do it yourself?

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I like this option, which is two French braids woven into a low ponytail.


Then there's this hardcore French braid headband, for French braiding experts. This is more along the lines of what the U.S. team has been doing.

I might try doing a simple French braid along the front of my hair and working it into a ponytail for my next gym workout. It's a great idea for keeping the little wispy hairs out of my face, which tend to drive me crazy when I'm on the elliptical.

What about you? Would you try this trend?


Image via Erika Scarbo/Getty Images

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