Heidi Klum Runs in a Skirt: Would You?

Heidi KlumHeidi Klum went running the other day -- in a skirt.

I'll admit that at first, it looked a little weird to me.

In fact, I've seen a few female runners here in Nashville wearing skirts, and it looked a little weird to me on them, too.

But then I looked up fitness skirts online, and now, I have to say, I'm sort of liking the look.

Want to see why?

Read on!


Running skirtThere's actually an entire site devoted to running skirts, with looks like this Black Triathlon Skirt (Running Skirts, $42). I've been going to the gym nearly every day lately, and I have to admit that this skirt looks a lot cooler than the black yoga pants I've been wearing to the gym, and a little more modest than the "hot pant" style of workout pants that I just can't bring myself to wear.


Running SkirtsYou can even get them in prints like this Mums Noir Triathlon Skirt (Running Skirts, $42). Cute!

Running SkirtsHowever, this look? Um, it might be a little much for my local YMCA!

I think what makes me look twice at Heidi's workout gear is that the skirt doesn't look like a workout skirt. It looks like a knit skirt you might wear out to a restaurant.

But maybe working out in knit skirts is the latest fitness craze that just hasn't reached our area.

What do you think? Would you wear a running skirt? Would you work out in a skirt like Heidi's?


Images via Splash News and Running Skirts



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