Claudia Schiffer Creates Mom-Friendly Clothing Line. *Snort*

FlickrGood news, moms!

Claudia Schiffer has just unveiled her new line of clothing, designed specifically for moms who still want to look chic in the car rider pick-up line!

According to the Daily Mail:

"I am always very busy, I have a family life ... I want to wear the same outfit when I bring my children to school, then go to work with it -- and in the evening, I want to be able to just change accessories," Schiffer said at the launch of the Claudia Schiffer clothing line in trendy Paris boutique Collette.

I bet you're dying to see some of the clothing Claudia has in store for us, aren't you? Well, I've got photos to show you! Click through to see them!


ColetteFor just $568.65, you could own this mom-friendly DRESS, designed by Claudia Schiffer herself! OH, THE GLAMOUR.

ColetteOr perhaps you prefer a bulky, shapeless sweater for your morning carpool run -- Claudia's version is also just $568.65!


ColettePerhaps you need a pattern to jazz up your drab peanut butter sandwich making existence. Claudia's got you covered with this dress, available for just $519.83!!

I'll bet you're getting your credit cards out right now, aren't you? Tell me, what do you think of Claudia Schiffer's "mom-friendly" designs?


Image via, Colette

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