Kate Middleton Wears a Yellow Dress: OMG, LET'S ALL WEAR YELLOW DRESSES!

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton wore a lot of fantastic outfits while touring Canada, but one of my favorites was this simple yellow dress.

Yes, it will be remembered more for the sight it gave the world of Kate's royal knickers, but let's look beyond that for a moment, shall we?

Kate looked absolutely lovely in this dress, and you know what that means, don't you?


Let's face it, ladies. We are obsessed with Kate's royal wardrobe. How can we not be? So many cute outfits!! On such a cute girl!! Who just got married!!


Where was I?

Kate's yellow dress!

I consider it my duty to find you a yellow dress that you can both afford and feel Kate-like in.

Want to see my picks?

Then click on through!





AnthropologieLet's start with this beautiful Meyer Meringue Dress (Anthropologie, $138). Kate would most definitely approve!


DillardsLooking for something less pricy? How about this Donna Morgan Jacquard Dress (Dillards, $76.80 on sale)?


Eddie BauerFor even fewer clams, you can get this relaxed crinkle dress (Eddie Bauer, $39.99). Kate goes to the beach!


ASOSAnd you can't beat the price on this Georgette Frill Dress (ASOS, $25.86 on sale).

TopShopThis yellow midi dress (TopShop, $80) is also very Kate-like and demure.


KohlsHere's another inexpensive way to get in on the trend: this Apt. 9 crochet dress (Kohls, $35).

What do you think of Kate's yellow dress? Want one to call your own?

Images (top to bottom): Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Anthropologie, Dillards, Eddie Bauer, ASOS, TopShop, Kohls

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