I Heart Kate Moss For (Still) Rocking Her Small Boobs

kate mossOf course Kate Moss is having an absolutely fabulous honeymoon. She's Kate Freaking Moss, after all. So far, there have been no surprises: 206-foot luxury yacht speeding Moss and new hubby Jamie Hince from Portofino to Cannes? Check. Champagne service around the clock? Check. Fresh lobster and Kobe beef? Check. Kate looking like a knockout in a black bandeau bikini that makes small boobs seem like the coolest thing ever? Double check.

I absolutely love that years after Moss made the waif look acceptable (some people are just skinny, okay?), she's still making what some critics have called her "mosquito bites" seem like the most chic, elegant accessory any woman could ask for. Implants? Pour quoi?? How pedestrian.


I'm not saying I have anything against bountiful bosoms; not at all. But before Kate came along, Barbie doll proportions were still the envy of every girl. If you weren't blessed with sizable knockers, well, then you were expected to do anything and everything possible to fool the general public (men) into thinking you had them. Push-up bras, silicone, whatever it took -- big breasts equaled femininity.

Then along came Kate. Delicate, understated and with a nymph-like sex appeal that rivaled the allure of any pin-up girl, Kate made being small-of-chest okay. Not just okay, but exotic, in a way. Graceful. European.

So to see her rocking that tiny slip of a black bandeau, knocking back bubbly with her hot rock star husband on a bad-ass yacht ... well, it makes me want to go bathing suit shopping. I know, I can't believe I just typed that either.

Do you love Kate's honeymoon look?


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